>To the Man Who Came to My Rescue Today:

>You are my hero. I know I said it a few (five hundred?) times today in person, but THANK YOU. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, and… thank you.

Not only did you see a frazzled, frustrated, distraught (maybe kinda cute?) woman with a baby, you came over and asked – no, TOLD – her you were going to help. Who does that?

You do.

Honestly, it never occurred to me that renting a stroller at the mall would cost $3 (!), and I really thought I had a couple more singles tucked away for just such a situation. Otherwise I’m totally debit card dependent. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t helped – chased Olive around trying to keep her from kid stealers or given up and gone home, most likely. But I didn’t have to because suddenly YOU walked onto the scene…

And you even went into a shop to get change for a five just to come to my aid. You fabulous person, you!

I love you.

And hey, you were pretty hot (on top of the marvelous pay-it-forward spirit) – if I weren’t married….

I wouldn’t have been in that situation.


the frazzled (hopefully a little hot?) mom you rescued.

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