true friend

I have an old-fashioned shiner – the first of my 32 years minus 2 days – and it was given to me by none other than my nearly 3 year old daughter… which she will point out to you with a note of mild pride in her voice – I gave my momma a black eye.

It’s interesting how people respond. Most ignore it. Some look at me with worry or pity or, like the cashier at Target, an impressed approval. I try to wear it like a badge of honor, at least after covering it as much as possible with concealer – I haven’t worn this much makeup since junior high.

The best response by far, however, was from my dear friend Mary. As we chatted I saw a look of horror pass her face and then, not a moment later, she asked very solemnly what had happened. Her relief upon Olive’s admission was palpable and she said, “I had to ask. I debated for half a second but I thought, no, I have to. Because I can’t imagine Jeff would do that, but if he hit you it would have to be reported.”

I can’t think when I’ve felt so loved.

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