>Here’s the thing: for the last two days my right eye has cried, all on its own, incessantly. No makeup will stay on, and I have tear streaks running down that cheek at any given moment. The eye’s gotten all red and puffy and I have to say, it makes me feel stinky. Like one of the crazy characters in comedies who they show ought to be committed by having him twitch, break out in hives and exemplify other weird ailments. That’s me lately.

And here’s the thing: I have been sleeping. Really, I know you don’t believe me – “she has a two month old!” you say, “she can’t be sleeping!” But I assure you, my friends, I am. Olive sleeps for six hours, wakes up enough to eat for about 20 minutes, and then goes back to sleep for another three or so hours. Do the math – that’s sleep. (more than I got at any time in my college years, that’s for certain) So why the sudden slip into crazed eye wiping? Maybe it’s the sudden weather change – after all, it was 72 on Wednesday and today’s high was 37 (places less than an hour’s drive from here got 16 inches of snow). Maybe it’s that I’m wearing my old glasses with a slightly different prescription. Maybe I’m slowly losing my mind.

But it’s happened to me many times before – the most inopportune being my friend Lucie’s wedding when I was matron of honor – I’m sure her pictures are a little less than lovely. I can’t find a common theme – overtired? Stressed? Emotional? All those words seem to describe life constants. What would suddenly push my body to cry out “ENOUGH!!” like this?

Let me know any theories. I’ll keep pondering.

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