>Things I am grateful for today:

  1. I did not freak out when Olive did #2 in the bathtub, nor when she showed up naked with her diaper in hand.
  2. Nearing the end of my latest knitting project, with only a few visible errors.
  3. The new issues of O and Real Simple sitting on the endtable, waiting for me.
  4. Living in Minneapolis… Linden Hills, Wild Rumpus, Lake Calhoun, and many other beloved haunts visited today.
  5. Olive cracking up with six month old Olivia at Wonderment – five whole minutes of babies with the giggles.
  6. I did not step on the dead wasp on the back hall stairs when I went shoelessly down to change loads of laundry.
  7. My dear friend Kristi and her darling hubby just bought a house VERRRRRRY close to us. Hip hip hooray!!
  8. My darling hubby, who is willing to work extra hours for us. I’m still nuts about him after four years.
  9. Olive woke up after only half an hour, so I got to hold her, rock her, and kiss her soft little fuzzy head some more.
  10. A nice quiet house all to my self for a bit.
  11. Finding the perfect gift for not one but a number of people – when I wasn’t even looking.
  12. Building excitement and anticipation of returning home to SoCal in 12 days.
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