why I hate being married

  1. He always wants the remote.
  2. Two words: guy humor.
  3. I have to live with a male who has a totally different way of looking at/dealing with/cleaning things than I do. For example, I don’t do dishes well enough for him, and he doesn’t do them often enough for me.
  4. Even when we don’t like each other, we still love each other. This can be excruciating.
  5. After a particularly nasty fight and determining that I will disappear until he feels sufficiently awful and calls to apologize, I cave after two hours because I actually care if he’s okay or not.
  6. I can’t do everything my way.
  7. My crap doesn’t just affect me anymore.
  8. I can’t ever wish him dead, even when I want to. I love the darn guy too much.
  9. Divorce never sounds like a viable option because as much as whatever we’re going through might hurt, that would be worse.
  10. He’s not me.
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0 thoughts on “why I hate being married

  1. >I don’t want to say I’m glad to hear it – because, for your sake, I’m not – but it sure is good to know that I’m not the only one who feels that way!

  2. >Wow. It’s as if I could have written this! Sounds like you have the same problem that I do: You married a MAN.And if it weren’t for blogging, we may have left them or killed them already!*giggle*

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