winter blues

It was snowing. They were the perfect flakes, the ones that floated softly like so many puffs off a dandelion, the ones that landed on her sleeve pristinely, begging to be admired for the beauty and complexities of their simple shapes. She couldn’t help but oblige; other drivers honked her out of her reverie at stoplights when she was captivated by those caught on the window.

It was March already – at least, she felt, Mother Nature was making beautiful the days which could feel so interminably long now that spring seemed only a song away. She had the itch – her skin screaming for sunshine, her mind obsessed with garden planning. But there was at least another month…. there was the rub.

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0 thoughts on “winter blues

  1. >Ah it’ll be here before you know it. Maybe ;)I was just thinking about you yesterday, in fact, and how I needed to check in, so I’m just catching up over here. And wow, your last post was so beautiful. There was no need to edit or proofread because everything came out perfectly the first time. Honesty has a way of achieving that.Brava Elle! We’re with you!

  2. >I’m an Aries. I had a few birthday parties canceled because of blizzards in that fine city of yours.But yes, spring is just a song away. I like that. Spring…a time for new beginnings.

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