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>“To everything turn! turn! turn! there is a season turn! turn! turn! and a time to every purpose under heaven….” I simply can’t read Ecclesiastes 3 without humming the turns – though it may be sacrilege to some, to me that passage is as much by the Byrds as by Solomon! In my new season as a mom, this song has been a common lullaby for my darling daughter, slipping out of my lips as I rock her to sleep.

What’s struck me lately as I sing is that even though I’ve entered a new season, the old ones and their purposes certainly haven’t ceased (except for the season of sleep!). I always thought Ecclesiastes meant that every season or “time” had just one purpose…. but as I look at my life, many “times” claim each instant; many seasons overlap. I’m a mom, a wife, a student, a worker, a friend. And within those seasons, moments hold any number of “times” – for laughing, weeping, building, tearing down, gathering and scattering – sometimes both at once. Any given “time” is “time” also for many other things… and it can make my head spin. Or turn, as the case may be.

What has brought me comfort in this intense season are the turns. The world keeps turning, time and “times” keep passing, and there is a rhythm to it that lulls the churning in my soul. With Olive in my arms, I spin slowly around, and the “times” blur together into one. Time simply to be.

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